HASO Postimies, Helsinki

Class A apartment building with wastewater heat recovery

Helsinki housing production is building a right-of-occupant property in Postipuisto park in Pasila, which is highly energy efficient. Helsinki’s housing production only builds class A energy-efficient properties that pay attention to environmental emissions and operating costs during use.


HASO Postimies is located close to Pasila Train Station and Tripla Shopping Centre.

HASO Postimies is a 5-storey apartment building with district heating system. District heating operations will be enhanced by the recovery of wastewater heat, which can cover 30-40% of the total district heating needs. The heat from the property’s sewage is used to heat the property and hot domestic water.


The wastewater heat recovery system includes wastewater exchangers, heat pump and bookers. The system improves the efficiency of the district heating system by producing heating of the property and hot domestic water from sewage.

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