Ecopal acquires Energy Pile Oy's business


Energy Pile Oy and Ecopal Oy have agreed on a business transaction to be completed in autumn 2020, in which all of Energy Pile Oy's patent rights, company name, domains and energy pile business will be integrated into Ecopal Oy's operations.

Energy Pile Oy is the Finnish market leader in energy piling systems to be installed in the building-specific piling foundations. Energy Pile Oy's business operations will be centralised at Ecopal Oy's premises in Lahti by the beginning of 2022.

Ecopal is developing a new and innovative heating and cooling system for properties that are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than existing systems on the market. A carbon-neutral built environment requires new approaches and solutions so that real estate and energy companies can reduce their emissions faster than at present.

"The aim is to create a system solution that is suitable for almost all properties, buildings and urban areas. In addition, the system solution must be highly energy efficient and offer alternatives to existing heating systems. In the future, our systems will be more suitable for the energy industry as well as for property owners and construction customers."

"Ecopal wants to grow into a market leader in innovative circular economy solutions and expand into international markets as well. Strategic business transactions are used to achieve these goals faster than through organic growth alone. The purchase of Energy Pile Oy's business is well in line with and supports these set goals in the future ," says Jonna Easylainen, CEO of Ecopal Oy.

Inquiries: Ecopal Oy, CEO Jonna Easylainen, 044 097 4111

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